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MARKET is an exhibition and performance space in Silver Lake, CA. Focusing on immersive installation, performance and literary events. MARKET is by appointment and scheduled public events only. Please call or email for more information regarding upcoming events.

What is Market?

Artist JonMarc Edwards invites you to an alternative artist venue in
Los Angeles called MARKET. Located in the Silver Lake section of LA, Market presents immersive installations, performances and readings. MARKET  IS the artwork so once you arrive you enhance the mojo of the space as an observer or participating collectively. MARKET is by appointment only or scheduled public events. Get on MARKET's email list or call 213.483.1183 for more information.

The Debriti Show! (First Exhibition)

Debriti is 100% organic, recycled and biodegradable chipboard. It is laser cut into the standard twenty-four letter Latin alphabet and comes in many typefaces, colors and qualities. The dictionary will in time define Debriti; as a compound word composed from the words (debris + graffiti). Debriti is often 3D letters, materials or fragments of texts that have been purposely dropped, thrown or placed on the ground often in a public space to call attention to itself or for various other reasons including political, personal or artistic declarations. Word games, visual patterns, typesetting and a myriad of other practices can be created using Debriti.    jonmarc edwards, 2016

Silver Ochre; Who Are Us 2016

One Night Only! Live performance!
April 30, 8 - 10 pm. Admission is Free!

Silver Ochre: Who Are US 2016 is an accumulative film and live soundtrack by perpetually traveling artists, ACVilla and Thollem Electric.


GIVEN, a rare one-day installation by a Radical Duchampienne
NYC artist L. Brandon Krall will exhibit at MARKET in Silver Lake evolved sculptural works based on the ready-made's of Marcel Duchamp.

An artist-curator and filmmaker Krall has had a Project Room at the P.S.
One Museum, a large installation in Social Sculpture at Vrej Baghoomian
Gallery, simultaneous shows in two Houston galleries and created event
evenings at the Emily Harvey Foundation in New York.

Sheku Kowai Synthetic Dreams

Sheku Opening !!

Los Angeles, CA (May 31, 2016)— Los Angeles based artist Sheku Kowai presents a pop up exhibition of his artworks called Synthetic Dreams at MARKET, a new exhibition venue in Silverlake from June 8, 2016. 

Sheku Kowai examines the growing disillusionment among displaced individuals who feel oppressed and marginalized by the gentrification of their communities.  The work addresses such diverse topics as segregation, rampant consumerism, street violence and self-reliance.

Free Student Art Workshop ages 7 -15

Silverlake Neighborhood Council is helping sponsor a free student art workshop with artist JonMarc Edwards at MARKET in Silver Lake 
June 25, 26 From 10am - 2p.

This is a unique opportunity to initiate a thoughtful creative summer using letters, words and performative skills in an artist studio environment. 

d-i-g  dance - installation - group

One Night Only ! MARKETmoves presents Los Angeles based artists Gayle Fekete & Jennifer Gerry in d-i-g, a dance installation at MARKET july 8th, 2016. The performance begins at 8:30 pm 

d-i-g provides an evening of performance installation, channeling ritual, memory, and shift - happy/sad - green - transition     
Barney O'Brien
inside:outside August 27 - September 18, 2016
   Join us at MARKET in Silver Lake in support of MAIDEN LA Saturday August 27th, 5 - 9pm for the opening reception of inside:outside,
the work of Barney O’Brien.
JMe's Sneak Preview!!
Sunday December 4th, 2 -5 pm
Please join us and experience the multi-media and immersive environments 
by the artist JonMarc Edwards!!

The "Meet Your (coffee) Maker Cafe" will be open too!
Elements of this exhibition will be included in JonMarc's traveling 8-city immersive installation tour beginning in February 2017!!
SOCial Pop
SOCial POP opens at MARKET August 5th 5-8pm 
Through the use of iconic, popular and mass media imagery SOC. POP comments and explores on the current social and political climate. Humorous and irreverent the exhibition will include paintings, multimedia and live performances. A kiosk will be installed for visitors to attach their own personal comments or images.
   A selection of 18 photographic images
printed on aluminum.

December 1 – January 13, 2018
Opening Saturday December 2nd, 4 -7 pm
Open Sunday December 3rd, 1 - 4pm
These photos capture the moment of data breakdown, the instant the information becomes fragmented, a metaphor for our post-truth age where science, facts and reality are manipulated and purposely distorted to create confusion, doubt and fake news.  These abstractions represent a new narrative, one equally if not more powerful than the original.

The GLITCH photos are the result of transmission failure rather than any purposeful distortion; using magnets or software. Most of the images were gathered via network broadcasts, much of the subject matter is news, entertainment, weather and sports, our daily bread. I decided to forego the entertainment / celebrity portion of the images and concentrate on the formal qualities of the image; pattern, color and identity… or lack thereof.

This selection of eighteen images comes from a source material of almost 400 images. I hope you feel as compelled as I do by these images, the abstract nuisance and data breakdown, a metaphor for our current immersive state of corruption and instability.

Early Nineties Painting

During the month of February, 2018

Upon my arrival in LA in 1990 I was committed to creating a visual form of writing, a legible Character (Ideogram) one that at first glance is abstract but upon closer consideration, decipherable. A journey and study of pictorial writing / painting (I see these two endeavors as inseparably linked) began. These early experimentations would eventually be known as Monosyble or Merge; an approach to painting that transforms composed writing into concise, legible pictographic landscapes. The early nineties / Monosyble work included in this exhibition are small to medium size paintings revealing the patience and methodical approach to written and pictorial content and structure.   
FLUTTER, the eternal element
 FLUTTER, the eternal element
an immersive installation by jonmarc edwards
August 11th – August 19th, 2018

Live Installation and Artist Reception:
Saturday August 11th, 5pm through 8pm
Sunday August 12th, Noon through 4pm

660 South Avenue 21 - Studio 6
Los Angeles, CA 90031
For more info call 323.868.9785 or 213.483.1183
Artist JonMarc Edwards' invites you to FLUTTER, an extraordinary event at the SEARCH + RESQ Gallery located near the Brewery in downtown Los Angeles. FLUTTER is an immersive installation, where participants are spellbound to intermittent flurries of text, meaning and chaos. FLUTTER is an experience that connects both the visually stunning with the metaphorically inspiring. Earthy, humorous and wise, the conceptual installation visually asserts that language is an essential element; the fifth element, like air, water, fire and wind (and as ubiquitous.) FLUTTER empowers participants to interact and make sense of the linguistic fabric that is all-around us; concrete, profuse, disposable - unique!

More FLUTTER to come soon!

FLUTTER, the omnipresent element - an immersive installation will be returning to downtown Los Angeles at the Search + Resq Projects
660 S. Ave.21 - Studio 6, 90031

September 29 2pm, 8pm and September 30 2pm only

Please make plans not to miss this one-of-a-kind special engagement.

For more info contact this space.
Check out the teaser for FLUTTER!!
Coming Soon!!
An episodic trailer consisting of a multitude of digital resources and production footage from the immersive installation called FLUTTER. The episodes will be available here at www.MARKETSTUDIO.ORG !!
More details about these important trailers and future projects regarding FLUTTER will be announced soon!!