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FLUTTER, the eternal element
FLUTTER, the eternal element
an immersive installation by jonmarc edwards
August 11th – August 19th, 2018

Live Installation and Artist Reception:
Saturday August 11th, 5pm through 8pm
Sunday August 12th, Noon through 4pm

660 South Avenue 21 - Studio 6
Los Angeles, CA 90031
For more info call 323.868.9785 or 213.483.1183

Artist JonMarc Edwards' invites you to FLUTTER, an extraordinary event at the SEARCH + RESQ Gallery located near the Brewery in downtown Los Angeles. FLUTTER is an immersive installation, where participants are spellbound to intermittent flurries of text, meaning and chaos. FLUTTER is an experience that connects both the visually stunning with the metaphorically inspiring. Earthy, humorous and wise, the conceptual installation visually asserts that language is an essential element; the fifth element, like air, water, fire and wind (and as ubiquitous.) FLUTTER empowers participants to interact and make sense of the linguistic fabric that is all-around us; concrete, profuse, disposable - unique!    

Early Nineties Painting

During the month of February, 2018

Upon my arrival in LA in 1990 I was committed to creating a visual form of writing, a legible Character (Ideogram) one that at first glance is abstract but upon closer consideration, decipherable. A journey and study of pictorial writing / painting (I see these two endeavors as inseparably linked) began. These early experimentations would eventually be known as Monosyble or Merge; an approach to painting that transforms composed writing into concise, legible pictographic landscapes. The early nineties / Monosyble work included in this exhibition are small to medium size paintings revealing the patience and methodical approach to written and pictorial content and structure.

jonmarc edwards, 2004
   A selection of 18 photographic images
printed on aluminum.

December 1 – January 13, 2018
Opening Saturday December 2nd, 4 -7 pm
Open Sunday December 3rd, 1 - 4pm
These photos capture the moment of data breakdown, the instant the information becomes fragmented, a metaphor for our post-truth age where science, facts and reality are manipulated and purposely distorted to create confusion, doubt and fake news.  These abstractions represent a new narrative, one equally if not more powerful than the original.

The GLITCH photos are the result of transmission failure rather than any purposeful distortion; using magnets or software. Most of the images were gathered via network broadcasts, much of the subject matter is news, entertainment, weather and sports, our daily bread. I decided to forego the entertainment / celebrity portion of the images and concentrate on the formal qualities of the image; pattern, color and identity… or lack thereof.

This selection of eighteen images comes from a source material of almost 400 images. I hope you feel as compelled as I do by these images, the abstract nuisance and data breakdown, a metaphor for our current immersive state of corruption and instability.


August, 2017

SOCial Pop
SOCial POP opens at MARKET August 19th 5-8pm 
Through the use of iconic, popular and mass media imagery SOC. POP comments and explores on the current social and political climate. Humorous and irreverent the exhibition will include paintings, multimedia and live performances. A kiosk will be installed for visitors to attach their own personal comments or images.

Beer, Wine and Snacks will be served.


SOCial POP is about inclusion, diversity and expressing concerns creatively ! Peace, Love and content :) 

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Instagram @jmarket77

We are looking for contributors, curators and patrons, email us for more info!!

This show is part of the MaidenLA August ‘Happenings’!

Did you have some coffeee at the "Meet Your (coffee) Maker Cafe?


December 4th, 2016

JonMarc Edwards
Sneak Preview!!

Sunday December 4th
2 - 5 pm !!
MARKET 612 Silver Lake 90026

Please join us here at MARKET and experience the multi-media and immersive environments 
by the artist JonMarc Edwards!!

The "Meet Your (coffee) Maker Cafe" will be open too!

Elements of this exhibition will be included in JonMarc's traveling 8-city immersive installation tour beginning in February 2017!!

Barney O'Brien

Opening August 27, 2016

Barney O'Brien


Opening August 27, 5 - 9pm
Join us at MARKET in Silver Lake in support of MAIDEN LA Saturday August 27th, 5 - 9pm for the opening reception of inside:outside, the work of Barney O’Brien.
  This is a great opportunity to see recent sculptures, paintings and works on paper by the downtown Los Angeles artist Barney O’Brien. Barney assembles, paints and transforms everyday discarded materials from the streets of LA into powerful vessels of geometry, self-reflection and expressive awareness. Through a convergence of intuitive painterly instincts and shear physical will, he pushes the boundary from profound to elegant whimsy. By working inside/out with his materials, O’Brien is able to simultaneously challenge the sensibilities of the viewer and breathe new meaning into otherwise disposable leftover.
  A Brief Bio of Barney O’Brien
After receiving a BFA from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Barney attended CGU in Claremont Ca. Through the eighties, he was a member of Newspace Gallery run by Joni Gordon. He exhibited solo and along with other notables of the stable including: Martha Alf, Chris Georgesco, St. Pierre Sid Gordon, Jay Phillips, Michael Falzone, Astrid Preston and others. He exhibited solo at the Klein Gallery in Chicago and Lelia Ivy gallery in L.A. Later that decade, O’Brien’s life was forever changed by an automobile accident that left him in a coma, near death and seriously compromised physically.
With his extraordinary desire to create intact, he found his way to the Santa Fe Art Colony. Where he has lived and worked for the past 25 years.

 For more information about this exhibition or future programming go to
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Jjuly 8th, 2016

dance installation group

dance installation group

Opens friday july 8th, 8:30

concept by gayle fekete + jennifer gerry  
artwork by jonmarc edwards

Los Angeles based artists Gayle Fekete and Jennifer Gerry present; d-i-g an evening of performance installation, channeling ritual, memory, and shift - happy/sad - green - transition     
 d-i-g dance-installation-group bios 
 gayle fekete is Head of Dance/Professor in the Department of Theatre and New Dance at Cal Poly Pomona. Gayle has been associated with Urban Bush Women NYC as a guest artist and consultant on numerous international residencies and summer institutes, including Brooklyn Academy of Music Next Wave Festival, December 2015. She served as Chair for the DCA grants panel for interdisciplinary arts for the City of Los Angeles. She was a team collaborator for the 2014 Symposium The Live Legacy Project: Correspondences Between German Contemporary Dance and Judson Dance Theater Movement, Dusseldorf, Germany. She is a member of the performance collective Opera Del Espacio, and currently, she is exploring site specific, interactive media and interdisciplinary performance collaborations.

jennifer gerry is co-founder and artistic director of Mechanism Dance Theatre: a collective movement project based in Pomona, CA. The artists have shown work in a variety of spaces in Southern California, including the SCA Project Gallery, Cal Poly Pomona University Theater, Highways Performance Space, Bootleg Theater, and others. While attaining an MS in pure mathematics, Gerry has enjoyed a long lasting mentor-apprentice relationship with Fekete, and the two have co-created previously. Gerry will be perusing an MFA program at Mills College (fall 2016), and a life-long career in association with art and performance.

jonmarc edwards, a visual artist who is currently touring his travelling exhibition; “The Debriti Show!” throughout Southern California including stops in; Laguna, Santa Ana, Venice and Ventura.

Free Student Art Workshop

June 25 -26, 2016

Free Student Art Workshop ages 7 -15

Silverlake Neighborhood Council is helping to sponsor a free student art workshop at MARKET in Silver Lake June 25, 26 From 10am - 2pm.  Artist Jonmarc Edwards will conduct this unique workshop to initiate a thoughtful creative summer using letters, words and performative skills in an artist studio environment.  Workshop will include introduction to typography, art languages, demonstrations and hands on creative processes. Students will be given sketchbooks to use during workshop and take home.

Sheku Kowai
Synthetic Dreams

What Now?
oil paint, acrylic paint, enamel paint, pastel, marker and industrial tarp.

72 x 60 inches framed
Me, Jimmy Baldwin...
Me, Jimmy Baldwin, Nina Simone, Little Richard talking about desegregation.
oil paint, acrylic paint, enamel paint, pastel, marker and industrial tarp.
47 x 33 inches framed
SHEKU KOWAI, Synthetic Dreams
Window treatment
Sheku Kowai Synthetic Dreams June 8 - june 26 2016
Call Robert Norton at 3235456559
or email [email protected]
for an appointment or for more info
Sheku regards his artwork as a form of political activism. Make an appointment and see these colorful and multi-layered paintings!

Brandon Krall
GIVEN, a live essay

May 3rd - 17, 2016

June 8 - 26, 2016

GIVEN by L.Brandon Krall

GIVEN – A live essay and installation by L.Brandon Krall inspired by the Readymades of Marcel Duchamp; Alchemist of Art & the Everyday.
On Tuesday May 3rd, 6 – 9 pm MARKET Studio by jonmarc edwards is pleased to introduce NYC artist L.Brandon Krall for an evening of visual stimulus and lively conversation inspired by the Readymade sculptures of the French artist Marcel Duchamp (1887 -1968). Krall believes the field of Duchamp studies has been dominated by male dominated psychological interpretations of the artist rather than through reexamining Duchamp’s own words and works. As a new generation of artists and scholars rediscover the metaphysical implications of Duchamp’s ouvre Krall discusses the many facets of this field of study through examples of her on-going studies and for MARKET; a new creative installation. Krall asserts that Duchamp was deeply anti-war, pro-feminist while rendering a level playing field in the interpretation of beauty and taste. Please come by MARKET and meet L.Brandon Krall and imbibe on the beautiful mind and art of Marcel Duchamp. The show will be open May 3rd - May 17th

Silver Ochre
Who Are US 2016

Silver Ochre
Who Are US 2016

April 30, 8 - 10 pm

Admission is Free!

doors open at 7:30

Silver Ochre:
Who Are US 2016

Observations from the 21st century
American road

Silver Ochre: Who Are US 2016 is an accumulative film and live soundtrack by perpetually traveling artists, ACVilla and Thollem Electric.

From March to November, 2016, Thollem Electric and ACVilla are touring throughout the lower 48 states gathering visual footage and sonic influences, weaving them together in an attempt to capture the essence of this country at this moment in time.

They are screening and sharing the results as they go, rotating new footage into the existing version along their way, an ever evolving movie accompanied by a live soundtrack. *This project will result in eight 1-hour episodes and a final 2-hour movie.

final performance

February 6, 2016

APRIL 30, 2016

The Debriti Show

About the Final Performance...

Actor Kim Rhodes from the TV series Colony, Supernatural and Key & Peele will be our special guest "Textualist" from 3-5pm to dispense wisdom and spark at MARKET in Silver Lake! Kim was amazing at our last performance and I expect a bigger turnout than the previous performance! JMe and special guests will initiate the immersive installation from 1 - 3pm with word play, demonstrations and inspiration all to be dispensed from our expert textualists and full service counters. Make sure you see this one-of-kind event before it moves on to other cities!

Final Performance ! Saturday, Feb. 6th 1-5p

DEBRITI represents a new relationship and understanding we have with text. Beyond the inherent “meaning” contained in letters and words, besides the myriad of arrangements and systems that utilize these graphic notations to communicate and emote, Texts also have “meaning,” “expression” and practicality in the concrete (physical) form. Texts have physical attributes that when properly used release energetic forces that can empower your daily life. DEBRITI is the conceptual form made physical.
How many times have you wanted to throw words back into someone’s face? (Use our Air variety of DEBRITI for this purpose only.) Toss “C-A-U-T-I-O-N” to the wind or gently lay some positive thoughts on the precipice of a mountain? Now you can with 100% all natural, recycled and biodegradable DEBRITI. DEBRITI’s counter sales force will prescribe what you need as they help you “choose your words carefully.”
The MARKET dispensary offers many varieties of DEBRITI and options to choose. Including their one-word packets, the “AIR” variety that flutters at a breath, the rare pink Emily Dickinson, or our standard bag of Green, Red or White 100% all natural DEBRITI. Ask our inspired sales force how you can get involved with the DEBRITI revolution, the new way to let words speak as loud as actions!
Here are recent works presented in the MARKET window. 
Scroll down to see work from exhibitons, performances and installations.
  1. Soul Touch Truth Art
    Soul Touch Truth Art
  2. Easel & Book Stand
    Easel & Book Stand
  3. market at night
    market at night
  4. Easel and Book Stand in the window
    Easel and Book Stand in the window
  5. Paris Commune, 1871
    Paris Commune, 1871
  6. YOu are the Figure
    YOu are the Figure
  7. Peace In Our Time
    Peace In Our Time
  8. Total Eclipse
    Total Eclipse
  9. Nightwood
  10. VASE
  11. Andromeda
  12. Cosmic Soup
    Cosmic Soup

The Debriti Show!

  1. MANUAL TEXT Dispensary
    MANUAL TEXT Dispensary
  2. The Debriti Show!
    The Debriti Show!
  3. Waiting Wall, The Debriti Show!
    Waiting Wall, The Debriti Show!
  4. Toby and Rya Kilhstedt
    Toby and Rya Kilhstedt
  5. Teka Lark poetry reading at MARKET
    Teka Lark poetry reading at MARKET
  6. Handfull of Deep Forest Debriti
    Handfull of Deep Forest Debriti
  7. Textibles, non-edible muffins
    Textibles, non-edible muffins
  8. Actor Toby Huss at The Debriti Show!
    Actor Toby Huss at The Debriti Show!
  9. Three protest shaker paintings
    Three protest shaker paintings
  10. Kim Rhodes dispensing text
    Kim Rhodes dispensing text
  11. Dispensing Text
    Dispensing Text
  12. Maura suggesting a word
    Maura suggesting a word
  13. Becky and Toby weigh the words
    Becky and Toby weigh the words
  14. Kim discusses various options
    Kim discusses various options
  15. Toby and Rya, Debriti sales force
    Toby and Rya, Debriti sales force
  16. Happy Customer
    Happy Customer
  17. Henry buys a bag
    Henry buys a bag
  18. Looking and Spelling
    Looking and Spelling
  19. Tim offering assistance
    Tim offering assistance